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Fred Loya Insurance Review: Fined For Deceptive Advertising, And For Charging Excessive Premiums



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Fred Loya Insurance Overview and Key Takeaways

Fred Loya Insurance is a specialist provider offering high-risk drivers the lowest legal amount of insurance cover. Owned and operated by the EP Loya Group, a Texas-based insurance provider, Fred Loya Insurance is marketed under several names including Loya Insurance Company, National Insurance, and Rodney D Young.

  • Auto insurance for drivers unable to obtain cover elsewhere
  • Large volume of complaints to state regulators
  • Claim filing not always available
Fred Loya Insurance

2.0 out of 5.0 stars

Fred Loya Insurance: Services

Fred Loya provides minimum insurance coverage. All policies come with liability, but everything else you want needs to be bundled.

Extra coverage could include:

  • Gap coverage: If you crash your car and your collision damage doesn’t pay out enough, Fred Loya meets the difference with gap coverage
  • Physical damage coverage: This add-on offers coverage against all damage from floods, collision, vandalism, or any other damage to your vehicle
  • Rental reimbursement: Covers the cost of a rental car while your vehicle is in the shop

Fred Loya policies can typically be issued with no need for a credit check. SR-22 forms might be available.

You can’t get a quote online.

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Fred Loya Insurance: Discounts

Discounts for auto insurance with Fred Loya include:

  • Air bags
  • Alcohol and drug awareness course
  • Anti-theft devices
  • Defensive driving course
  • Driver’s education course
  • Multiple cars

Fred Loya Insurance: Legal Issues

Loya Insurance Group has far more complaints made against it to state regulators than you would expect for a company of this size.

Most complaints over the past 3 years involved:

  • Unsatisfactory offers and settlements
  • Delays handling claims
  • Claims being denied

The company has also faced a number of legal issues.

In 2012, Lota Insurance Group was fined $300,000 for conducting deceptive advertising campaign, and for charging excessive premiums.

In 2018, the company was found in violation of the law for failing to refund premiums in a timely fashion when policies were cancelled along with a range of other regulatory violations.

It would be a good idea to go check their BBB Complaints and other review websites before doing business with this company.

Fred Loya Insurance: What Else?

The company website is sparse. While you can access your policy online as an existing customer, that’s about all you can do. You cannot obtain a quote online.

Claims must be filed over the phone during office hours.

Coverage is limited to a handful of states.

Fred Loya Insurance: Pros and Cons


  • Policies for high-risk drivers
  • Complimentary rental rides


  • The high number of complaints and legal issues
  • Limited options for online account management
  • Confusing language in policy documents
  • Claim filing no available 24/7

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