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Top 5 Car Insurance Companies of 2021



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The ever-evolving automobile industry has given rise to thousands of car insurance companies. These companies claim to offer their customers the best deals at the lowest prices. With so much competition, it can be quite difficult to determine which car insurance company would fit your particular requirements the best. This often overwhelms people and causes them to opt-out of buying car insurance completely, which can be a grave mistake!

Not having car insurance leaves you extremely vulnerable in case of road accidents, which can happen at any time. Even if you’re an extremely careful driver, there are hundreds of automobiles sharing the road with you, often having inexperienced or compromised drivers. Under such circumstances, car insurance acts as your safety guard, making sure you don’t end up broke or in debt because of careless driving.

To help you make the right decision and choose a car insurance company that fits your particular needs, we have compiled a list of the top car insurance companies. This list was created after careful evaluation of the average insurance rates in the country, along with levels of complaints and grades for collision claims as per car repair specialists. Let’s get right to it.

How to Evaluate Auto Insurance Rates

Auto insurance companies consider numerous formulas and factors before determining their rates. Usually, these rates are dependent on the following;

  • Geographic location
  • Age
  • Driver’s record
  • History of claims
  • Bank credit
  • Vehicle model
  • Annual/ daily mileage
  • Coverage

You should keep in mind that car insurance company rates can vary greatly based on these factors. A good driver with a clean record will probably be offered better rates than a driver with a poor credit score and a history of claims. These things are considered ‘problematic’ by insurance companies and treated accordingly.

Also, different insurance companies place different levels of importance on these factors. Therefore, you must shop around and do plenty of research to find a company that offers you the best coverage within your budget.

Top Auto Insurance Companies of 2021

1.     Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance offers coverage for cars, recreational vehicles, classic cars, motorcycles, and boats. If you frequently participate in sports like snowboarding and golfing, you can also get your snowmobile, golf carts, ATVs, and RTs insured from Erie Insurance. Their add-ons include lease loan protection, ridesharing coverage, and roadside services.

Discounts Offered

  • Car safety equipment discount
  • Reduced usage discount
  • Multi-car discount
  • Young driver discount
  • College credit

2.     Auto-Owner’s Insurance

If you’re looking for insurance for cats, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, trailers or even boats, Auto-Owner’s Insurance would be the perfect choice for you. They have a ton of add-ons available, including additional expense coverage, lease or loan gap coverage and road assistance coverage. Additionally, if you decide to invest in their Personal Automobile Plus Package, you will get 10 add-ons including re-keying locks, identity theft protection and even cell phone replacements.

Our favorite coverage is the diminished value coverage, which ensures that the actual worth of your car is protected regardless of an accident or any other event that would depreciate its value.

Discounts Offered

  • Life multi-policy discount
  • Good student discount
  • Multi-policy discount
  • Paid-in-full discount
  • Green discount

3.     USAA Auto Insurance

Reach out to USAA Auto Insurance if you are looking for coverage for a car, motorcycle, ATV, motorhome, classic car or boat. Additionally, if you fly quite frequently for work or personal reasons, you can even opt for aviation insurance. Their optional add-ons include rental reimbursement and roadside assistant coverage.

The best part is that it caters to people who worry about increased rates after an accident. USAA provides accident forgiveness insurance and, if you’ve remained accident-free for the past 5 years, your premium won’t be increased after the accident!

Discounts Offered

  • Safe driver discount
  • Driver training discount
  • Multi-vehicle discount
  • Family discount

4.     Geico

The insurance company Geico offers insurance for cars, classic cars, and motorcycles. They also offer coverage for ATVs, RVs, and boats for people who are always up for an adventure. This company has a variety of coverage options for automobile insurance. These include rental reimbursement, mechanical breakdown insurance, and emergency road services.

People are often worried about increased rates due to accidents. To facilitate automobile drivers through this, Geico has accident forgiveness coverage. You can have it added to your current policy or even earn it as an additional gift by maintaining a clean driving record. Moreover, Geico even waives the first at-fault accident or offense caused by other eligible drivers on your policy.

Discounts Offered

  • Vehicle equipment discount
  • Driving course/ driving education discount
  • Federal employee discount

5.     State Farm

Among the largest automobile and home insurance companies in the US, State Farm will make life a lot easier for you and your loved ones. It sells vehicle insurance for cars, off-road vehicles, RVs, motorcycles, and boats. If you drive a vintage beauty, State Farm also has a special coverage plan for antique cars. You can easily formulate an all-encompassing insurance bundle policy that includes life, home, and automobile coverage at an extremely attractive price.

Discounts Offered

  • Good student discount
  • Safe vehicle discount
  • Loyal customer discount
  • Safe driver discount

At the End

The best way to find a great deal on your car insurance is by reaching out to multiple companies for quotes and doing a thorough comparison of the coverage each offer. That is the only way you can find the best prices based on your financial history and requirements.

P.S. An excellent way to shave off some of the bucks you’ll be putting into your automobile insurance is by bundling it with another policy. If you have homeowner’s insurance or life insurance, reach out to the insurance company and ask if they offer bundles that include automobile insurance as well. When you buy more than one policy from the same company, they are likely to offer you better deals and maybe even a discount! All the best!

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