ClearOne Advantage is a company that specializes in helping people lower their monthly payments, credit card bills, and other unsecured debts. They have been in business since 2007 and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. ClearOne Advantage offers personalized services to fit your individual needs and remaining accounts. Their certified debt specialists will negotiate lower final payment amounts with your creditors, giving you a more manageable monthly payment.

Their program is legit and offers superior services. Many organizations have ranked them #1 in the debt consolidation loan category because of their customer loyalty program. It’s easy to get out of a debt contract and pay bills if you request it in writing or by speaking with a debt settlement consultant.

The top rated company is located in Baltimore MD and can be reached by phone at 888-340-4697 or by email at [email protected]

How does ClearOne Advantage work?

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There’s a lot to deal with when you’ve got enrolled debt, but you don’t have to go it alone. This debt resolution company works with creditors to negotiate for a smaller lump sum payment that can make repayment more manageable and often save you more money in the long run. There is no upfront cost to use ClearOne Advantage’s services – all you need is a minimum debt of $10,000. Settlements typically take 24 to 60 months to complete. With this method, you can get back on track, improve your financial situation, and be more likely to qualify for a loan and not need debt resolution services in the future.

In most states, ClearOne Advantage charges a percentage of the settled debts – usually 25% of the settlement difference. You should be able to save around 1.5% of your total debt each month. For example, if you owe $30,000 in unsecured debt, you should be able to set aside $450 a month. It would last about 3 years. You’ll need to look elsewhere if you have secured debt or need other debt-relief options. This debt paid with real estate isn’t accepted by ClearOne Advantage.

ClearOne recommends that customers don’t speak to creditors (credit card companies) on their own and that once creditors know how to reach you, they’ll insist on talking directly to you instead of a third party. Your certified debt specialist will negotiate lower final payment amounts with your creditors so you can pay back a reasonable portion of your bills. Families have been relieved of so much pressure by them dealing with creditors

How can I get started?

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When it comes to debt solutions, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. For some, bankruptcy or credit repair services may be the best option, but for others, these companies may be the best option. You can use a settlement for many different financial situations to avoid being in the exact same position as before the debts.

The first step is easy. Just visit their website and choose the “Get started now” option. You’ll be asked for some basic information about your debt situation, and then ClearOne Advantage employees will contact you by phone. They’ll review your credit file and current debts, and give you an estimated term and monthly debt settlement plan. The whole process usually takes less than 20 minutes.

What happens after you sign up?

You’ll then hear from a customer service representative to discuss your debts and get a quote. Basically, you’ll make a reduced monthly payment into an FDIC-insured bank account in your name each month. This account will pay your creditors each month and can be up to 40% less than what you do now.

How does ClearOne Advantage affect your credit?

Settlement can provide credit card relief. At the same time, getting a credit card debt settled for less than what you owe will show up on your credit report. This can make borrowing again in the future harder since lenders use credit scores and past payments to determine loans. Those who stick with the program and settle all their debt can save around 50% over 24 to 60 months and can prevent credit damage.

Federal Trade Commission rules don’t allow this type of company to charge upfront fees. The average cost of a debt settlement company is between 20 percent and 25 percent of your total debt.

Can you save Money With ClearOne Advantage?

Debt negotiation can be a great way to save money on your outstanding obligations. By working with creditors to lower payments and interest rates, you can potentially reduce your debt by a significant amount. On average, customers who use debt negotiation services save around 50% on their debts before exorbitant fees.

Of course, your individual savings will depend on factors like your debt and your creditors’ willingness to negotiate. However, it’s definitely worth considering debt negotiation as an option if you’re struggling with debt. ClearOne Advantage also doesn’t do credit repair, credit counseling, investment advice, or tax debt services.

Is ClearOne Advantage A Legit Company?


Is ClearOne Advantage legit? ClearOne Advantage, a top debt settlement company, is accredited by the AFCC and the IAPDA, so you can be confident that they’re a legitimate company with a debt settlement program that works. Plus, their policy outlines the information they collect and share with affiliates, and their website is encrypted to keep your information secure. The best have one of the best reputations in the debt settlement industry.

ClearOne Advantage: Pros And Cons

Compared to other debt settlement companies, ClearOne Advantage offers a standard range of settlement options.


  • Good customer ratings
  • A+ Rating by BBB
  • Deals with harassing debt collectors
  • Accredited BBB
  • AFCC and IADPA Accredited


  • Only unsecured loans available to settle
  • Not available in all the states

ClearOne Advantage Reviews

ClearOne Advantage has an A+ BBB rating and has been accredited since 2014. With average customer reviews of 472 and hardly any negative reviews, they’re a great company. Positive reviews are all over BBB, and most talks about its representatives’ professionalism.

The vast majority of users have been satisfied with their debt settlement process. There is a proven track record of success for their customer loyalty group and they have been ranked #1 in many different categories of debt consolidation loans with superior debt negotiation services and attentive customer service. Freedom Debt Relief is another company that deals with these types of problems in the same way.

The ClearOne Advantage program gives a false sense of security when you are struggling to pay your bills, with incredibly drawn out results (lingering even after your credit has been destroyed), and then takes the majority of the difference to cover their fees.

Editor’s Review

ClearOne Advantage is a debt-relief company that may be able to help you get your finances back on track in order to be debt free. They don’t charge any upfront fees and will work with you to create a personalized plan. Their certified debt specialists will negotiate lower final payment amounts with your creditors, so you can pay back a reasonable portion of your bills.

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ClearOne Advantage Summary

ClearOne Advantage is accredited by the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) and the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA), so you can be confident that they’re a legitimate company. Plus, their privacy policy outlines the information they collect and share with affiliates, and their website is encrypted to keep your information secure.

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