Many or all of the companies featured here provide compensation to us. This is how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth editorial research, determines where & how companies appear below. Advertiser Disclosure

Many or all of the companies featured here provide compensation to us. This is how we maintain our free service for consumers. Advertiser Disclosure

Many or all of the companies featured here provide compensation to us. This is how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth editorial research, determines where & how companies appear below. Advertiser Disclosure

Many or all of the companies featured here provide compensation to us. This is how we maintain our free service for consumers. Advertiser Disclosure

Class action lawsuits are a way for people to band together and hold big companies and corporations accountable for their unlawful practices. While most of these lawsuits result in a positive change, sometimes the settlements reached are ridiculous. In this blog post, Cuintegrator takes a look at 7 of the most ridiculous class action lawsuits of all time.

Man Sues Budweiser For Not Helping Him Attract Beautiful Women

Ridiculous Class Action Lawsuit
Editorial Credit: Lightspring

Budweiser wasn’t the first company to use gorgeous and flirtatious women in their ad campaigns, nor were they last. After all, sex sells – especially for American men who love beer. What Budweiser may not have planned was just how convincing these advertising tactics truly are. Bud Light’s 2010 “Is it Football season yet?” video went viral with its million views within months; many pointed out that spotlighting hot Craigslist escort girl ads could result in greater success than usual because viewers will pay attention even harder during football timing such as pregame rituals or commercials.

In 1991, Richard Overton filed a ridiculous class action lawsuit against Anheuser-Busch because he felt their beer failed to make his fantasies of having beautiful women fawn over him come true. Perhaps by suing a company with over $15 billion in annual sales, he hoped to make our list of the top 10 largest class action settlements. The lager never gave him what they advertised in their ads and for this reason, the case was dismissed by a judge who found that there were no grounds for emotional distress or mental injury as well as a financial loss since according to him nothing changed after consuming more ABB products than before.

Pennsylvania Student Sues Teacher Over C+ Grade

While it is not often that we hear about a student suing their teacher for an unsatisfactory grade, there have been cases where this has happened. For example, in 2001 someone filed a ridiculous class-action lawsuit against the school board claiming $2 million dollars after being awarded less than 70% on a final exam which led them to become pregnant while still attending classes at ages 16 and 17.

Ridiculous Class Action Lawsuit
Editorial Credit: sebra

In another instance from Ohio, two high-school football players were able to negotiate down from charges they committed armed robbery because one had failed his test while taking place during class time – leading him into adulthood without much education or prospects.

Megan Thode is a passionate, hard-working graduate student who has dedicated her life to helping others. When she discovered that a mediocre C+ grade would prevent her from getting the license necessary for becoming a therapist and making more than $1 million dollars in lost earnings? It was too much.

The McDonald’s Hot Coffee Lawsuit

The incident that led to the ridiculous class action lawsuit occurred when McDonald’s customer Stella Liebeck spilled coffee in her lap while driving. The public became aware of this story and soon enough, everyone asked “Didn’t she know?”. The question Americans are now asking is whether or not their legal system can protect them from frivolous lawsuits like these—especially since many believe they have no responsibility for what happens after consuming food served at restaurants such as theirs.

Ridiculous Class Action Lawsuit
Editorial Credit: Sorbis

The temperature of coffee can be extremely hot, even at normal levels. This was proven when Liebeck ordered a medium for herself and microwaved it – which is how she believed they were supposed to make them? But then disaster struck as the drink got too much faster than expected; by designating 180 degrees on their machine instead 190 (which would have been more appropriate). As you might expect, third-degree burns covered six percent of the body not only because there are more surface areas exposed but also because extreme temperatures may enhance vulnerability among certain individuals.

After much debate, Stella Liebeck was awarded $640 thousand. Her compensatory damages were reduced by 20% because a jury ruled that her injuries were only half hardware store cups are usually not very spill-resistant and the person who serves you may have been distracted or not paying attention to what they’re doing when their handguards slipped on hot coffee causing them serious burns in some cases like these where there is clearly visible scorching of clothing from an open lid held directly over steaming liquid within reach without any form nor protection whatsoever; this should be discouraged at all costs.

Man Sues Himself And Asks The State To Pay Him

Inmate Robert Lee Brock from Indian Creek Correctional Center filed a ridiculous class action lawsuit against himself in 1995 for $5 million dollars. He claimed that he had violated his civil rights and requested damages payments to make up the difference between what was owed him by prison authorities as well any losses caused during incarceration time spent there might want to think twice before doing something like this because it’s not only confusing but also rather entertaining.

Ridiculous Class Action Lawsuit
Editorial Credit: Ljupco Smokovski

Brock argued that his religion forbade the use of alcohol, and he even drank anyways which led him to commit crimes. He was sent behind bars in 1993- breaking into cars for fun until grand larceny became too much when it cost more than $5 million dollars worth of property damage alone; all this time Brock maintained a sense people should pay because “I’m only doing my job.” As you may have guessed by now -the case wasn’t heard too favorably after all.

$10 Dry Cleaning Bill Turns Into A $67 Million Civil Lawsuit

Who knew that the phrase “satisfaction guaranteed” could encourage a multimillion-dollar legal battle? We can’t help but think of this as we read about an interesting case in which someone is suing their customer service provider for not meeting expectations. The claim states they were promised satisfaction and instead received poor treatment, leading to litigation.

Editorial Credit: ivan_kislitsin

When Roy L. Pearson came to the dry cleaners looking for a suit, he didn’t realize that his new job would be tough enough. First of all, it was May and there were always nerves about starting work again after taking time off- especially if you’re going into court. But then something else happened; when we first met him, Roy wasn’t wearing any pants (gotta love those high waters). The owner offered $3k but Roy kept pushing the envelope until finally one offer stood out above everyone else: 12 grand.

In a fit of rage, Pearson chose to sue for $67 million. He claimed that the outcome would have been different if he weren’t opposed by an experienced lawyer and judge who knew how difficult cases like these can be on everyone involved– especially when emotions are running high. The trial lasted two years but in a court order, no one could make speeches so here’s what happened: Pearson lost his ridiculous class-action lawsuit against both companies (luckily) which meant paying their legal fees as well; then things took yet another turn – this time with recommendations from both sides suggesting leniency towards sentencing because ‘previous brushes’ exist.

Man Sues Michael Jordan For Facial Resemblance

newyorkny august26michaeljordanattends1st
Editorial Credit: lev radin

In a bizarre 2006 case, Portland man Allen Heckard proved us wrong. He filed a ridiculous class action lawsuit against Michael Jordan and Nike founder Phil Knight for $416 million dollars because he looked so much like the NBA superstar that people had assumed they were one in 75 similar-looking men with perfect NFL Combine measurements- but it wasn’t until 15 years later when things finally came to light.

The court heard how this lawyer traced his appearance back through various interviews over time where questions concerning their height or weight would be answered falsely after being misheard by other listeners who thoughtfully offered up answers based on what they knew about sports stars today–but then again most Americans.

High School student sues for being woken up in class

Vinicios Robacher was a sleepy 16-year-old student in his math class when he dozed off and awoke to the sound of Miss Nadeau smacking her palm down on top of his.
A sleeping teenager, Vinicios had been caught with his eyes closed by none other than teacher Melissa Nadeau. She then confronted him about not paying attention which led them into an argument where she shocked many people by hitting his hand.

Ridiculous Class Action Lawsuit
Editorial Credit: Antonio Guillem

The students at Danbury High have been mocking Vinicios ever since he was injured in a dispute with his teacher. His family filed a ridiculous class-action lawsuit against the school, board, and city but their case didn’t go very far because it was dismissed on grounds that there were no injuries severe enough to be heard by court-appointed doctors. The student’s parents decided to pursue legal action after investigators determined “severe” trauma had occurred during an encounter between father and son outside of the classroom.

What Do You Think Of These Ridiculous Class Action Lawsuits?

Ridiculous class action lawsuits are nothing new, but sometimes they can be so absurd that it’s hard not to laugh. While some of these cases may have had a valid point, many people seem to take advantage of the court system in order to make a quick buck. Have you ever been involved in or heard of a ridiculous class action lawsuit? Let us know in the comments.

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