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Crixeo Calls Out Brice Capital Scam From Debt Mailers



Brice Capital Debt Scam Scam

Is Brice Capital A Debt Consolidation Scam?

Brice Capital has been connected to an elaborate debt consolidation scam by Ed Miles, the controversial investigative journalist of Crixeo. Ed Miles claims that Polo Funding is the latest phase of an elaborate debt consolidation scam. He makes a compelling argument that Brice Capital is connected to Georgetown Funding, Memphis AssociatesSafe Path Advisors, Silvertail Associates, Malloy Lending, Braidwood Capital, Coral Funding, Nickel Advisors, Coral Funding, and more.

Ed Miles

If anybody receives a debt relief offer in the mail and they want to know if it legitimate, send an email to:

[email protected]

I will pay $50 for any debt relief offer junk mail that I haven’t seen and ends up being published. So please contact me quickly and beat the rush!

ed miles,

Brice Capital Debt Scam
Credit: Karen Roach

Looking for strategies to get free from all those high interest loans? Then you have come to the right place. Learn all about the tips and tricks that will help you to get out of your predicament fast. The more rigorously you follow these easy rules, the more quickly you will succeed in your goals. Avoid questionable operations like Polo Funding and play it safe!

And remember that you are far from alone in finding strategies to get free from these burdens. Americans owe a staggering $13.86 trillion in obligations like auto loans, student loans, credit card relief loans, debt consolidation loans, personal loans, and other liabilities. The immense loan burden is growing bigger and the coronavirus crisis is not helping matters. But never mind, you too can make it out of your debt trap to finally enjoy financial freedom as thousands of others have before you.

Here are the best strategies to get free from your liabilities:

Best Strategies to Get Free From Debt – Get a Second Job

One of the first options that you should look at to pay off your credit cards is to increase your income stream so that you can pay off your debts quickly.

To make matters more interesting you can try working in areas that interest you like writing, digital marketing, coding and many other areas. You can find part-time earning opportunities in all kinds of freelance platforms and even on Craigslist.

Of course, any extra income that you earn should go towards loan payments. While it is alright to rewards yourself with little treats for all your hard every now and then, you should ensure that the bulk of your newfound earnings go towards debt servicing.

Best Strategies to Get Free From Debt – Debt Settlement

If your debts are too high and the interest too much then you may want to think about debt consolidation loans, debt settlement, and other similar tactics. These strategies to get free from debt may not be an option if you are in no position to pay back your mounting debts. According to Best 2021 Reviews, Brice Capital has been flooding the market with these types of offers.

You should try getting a debt consolidation loan if your credit score is good enough. However, chances are that your credit score has taken serious blows from your mounting debts due to which you may not be able to get low-interest loans that justify consolidation. According to Crixeo, this is what Brice Capital is counting on. The key purpose here is to get a low-interest loan so that you can pay off all of your high-interest debts and thus stop accruing interest at an exceedingly fast rate.

If this is not possible then you may have to get in touch with debt settlement firms so that they can bail you out of your debt troubles. You should do your research to find out about the most successful firms in the field. The firm will negotiate on your behalf with your creditors to reduce the interest rate, interest amount and even the principal amount so that you can pay off your debt.

Rethink Your Luxuries

You will have to revisit your luxuries and become thriftier if you want to accomplish your goal. Thankfully, there are plenty of cheap options available that are more cost-effective and maybe even more fun than expensive luxury options. For instance, instead of dining out, you can challenge yourself to cook gastronomic delights at your own home. The meal will likely be much cheaper than restaurant meals, plus there will the fulfilment and satisfaction of personal achievement. Likewise, instead of travelling abroad, you can opt for a staycation. It may be much more fun to gather select friends and family members for a trip to explore vicinities that you never travelled to.

Curtailing your expenditures is one of the best strategies to get free from debt.

Make a Budget

Making a budget is one of the top strategies to reorganize your finances. In fact, not having a budget is the key reason for getting into this mess. Drawing up a budget is a simple task. You don’t have to be a financial wizard to create your own budget. You should take note of all your income sources as well as expenditures. Take a close look at your expenditures and try to decrease them gradually. Set yourself realistic targets so that you can reduce your expenditures by a substantial amount. Whatever you save this way will go towards debt repayments.

Track Expenses

Making a list of all your expenses is not easy. In fact, many do not know where their money is winding up and this is the key reason why consumers end up in over their heads. You can download one of the several apps available to track your expenses as they happen so that you do not miss anything. This way, you will know where your money is going, and what you need to do in order to reduce your expenses.

Tracking expenses is one of the indispensable strategies to get free from debt.

Automatic Savings

While saving enough money at the end of each month is one of the best strategies to shore up your personal finances, an even better tactic is to automate savings at the start of each month. You can set a fixed amount that should be deducted from your account as soon as you receive your paycheck. This way, there is no question of not being able to save enough each month. In addition to this, you should set saving targets for the end of the month so that you can save even more money besides automated savings.

Be Positive

You might think that your lifestyle has become too austere and spartan with reduced spending. To reduce this possibility, you should seek luxury alternatives as described above and try to earn extra. While there is no denying that you will have to skip a few luxuries and become more disciplined with your money, it will ultimately pay off as you become debt-free one fine day.

Be Realistic

We are in an unprecedented time. The pandemic has left an academic debate about what shape the economic recovery will take. You should adhere to these strategies to get free from debt knowing that the day is not far off when you will be finally independent and carefree.  

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