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Snowbird Partners Is Not Giving Coronavirus Credit Relief



Coronavirus credit cards relief coronavirus credit card relief debt Snowbird Partners

Why is Snowbird Partners Not Giving Coronavirus Credit Relief?

Snowbird Partners is under review by Crixeo, the popular news and reviews site, for being unsafe for coronavirus credit relief.

Crixeo has connected Snowbird Partners to Gulf Street Advisors, Sooner Partners, Old Dominion Associates, Memphis Associates, etc. According to Crixeo journalist, Ed Miles:

“This is nothing new. Many unscrupulous debt marketing companies like Snowbird Partners have been using this as a business model for years. They lure you in with the low-interest rate, string you along for a week, and then let you know that you don’t qualify for a loan. They then offer you some very expensive alternative debt options.”

coronavirus credit card relief debt Snowbird Partners
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If you find that the coronavirus crisis has disrupted your financial well being, then you can take comfort from knowing that you are not alone. Innumerable people have found that the coronavirus crisis has devastated their financial stability. Even those consumers who were prompt with their credit card payments are finding it difficult to pay on time. If you are one of these customers then you should know about various coronavirus debt consolidation and credit card relief options.

Thankfully, lenders and credit card issuers have taken note of their consumer’s plight. They have rolled out coronavirus credit relief options that vary between lenders. Since their terms and conditions are different, you should carefully go over them in detail to find out what exactly is in store for you.

Despite their differences, there are a few common elements. First, coronavirus credit relief options do not forgive this type of debt. Whatever you owe now must be paid back ultimately. Second, don’t assume that you will be onboarded automatically to avail of coronavirus credit relief options. You will have to contact your lender, talk about your problems, and request them to include you in the forbearance program. Only then will you be entitled to these benefits and get guidance on how to pay off your debt.

Coronavirus Credit Relief Options

American Express

Although American Express has a coronavirus credit card relief webpage for its customers, it contains very few details. 

You may be entitled to lower monthly payments. Beware that this could increase the length of time that you remain in debt and thus increase aggregate interest costs. But with the coronavirus crisis, you may have no choice.

The credit card issuer can choose to lower your interest rate and waive late fees. Even those who have requested assistance in the past are eligible to request further assistance.

You will have to contact the customer service number of Amex. You may probably receive hardship benefits based on your specific scenario.

Bank of America

Bank of America also has its own coronavirus credit card relief plan. Customers may be able to reclaim late fees if they qualify. They may also be permitted to defer payments.

If you are facing serious financial problems, you should contact customer support and sign up for the hardship program. The Bank may allow you to delay payments without reporting you to credit bureaus.

Bank of America is providing hardship assistance based on the circumstances of each case.


Barclays is offering various relief options through its coronavirus credit card relief program. If you qualify, you may be permitted to skip one monthly payment and benefit from late fee waivers. Credit line increase reviews are now more flexible. The bank has stated that it could take further steps to assist those facing serious difficulties in paying back their dues.

Even if you have requested assistance in the past, you can still make another request for financial assistance. Barclays has allowed come customers to defer payments by as much as 90 days. You should call up customer support and explain your case to ascertain whether or not you qualify.

Capital One

You can visit the coronavirus credit card relief webpage of Capital One to understand the details.

But to determine what hardship benefits you are eligible for, you will need to talk to customer service. Bear in mind that you may have to wait longer due to long queues.

Capital One extends coronavirus credit card relief options based on the details of your case. Customers have benefited from late fee waivers, adjusted payments, and deferred payments.

To find out the hardship benefits that you can avail, you can also make use of the online chat option available at the website.


Chase is also offering coronavirus credit card relief options to customers requesting financial assistance. If you cannot pay off your debt and need to defer payment, you will have to contact the customer support staff. Based on the details of your scenario, the bank could provide you with other hardship benefits as well.


Citi has a very flexible and convenient coronavirus credit card relief plan since you can make an online request instead of waiting in line for customer support via phone. You should log into your account for placing the request.

You can waive late fees and defer payments by up to 2 months. Provided that you were making timely payments before the crisis, there will be no negative reporting to credit card bureaus for approved deferred payments.


Coronavirus credit card relief options at Discover vary according to customer circumstances. Discover has extended various forms of assistance including reduced interest rates, waived late fees, and lenient payment terms. You will have to call up customer support to request assistance and determine what options are available for you. if you have asked for assistance in the past, you can still request further assistance. You can visit their FAQ page to find out more.

You also have the option of requesting assistance by making an online request after logging into your account.

If unable to pay on time because of low savings, customers may be permitted to defer payments upon requesting assistance. Although such customers won’t have to pay any late fees, they may still have to pay interest at the same rate.

In short, you should visit the coronavirus support webpage of your lender and contact customer support to become eligible for forbearance options.

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