Kensington Vanguard: Inside the Powerhouse of Title Insurance


Overview of Kensington Vanguard

History and Structure

Kensington Vanguard National Land Services, LLC, traces its origins to the merger of two distinguished entities in the title insurance industry: Kensington National Land Services and Vanguard Title Agency, in November 2008. This merging of expertise and resources birthed a company that has since risen to prominence within its sector. Operating out of its headquarters in New York City, Kensington Vanguard has carved out a significant niche for itself in the title insurance market. This foundation provides the backdrop against which the company’s services, expansions, and operations can be understood. The narrative of Kensington Vanguard is not just a story of merger but a testament to strategic growth and diversification within the real estate and insurance sectors.


The service offerings of Kensington Vanguard are comprehensive, catering to both commercial and residential markets. The company is distinguished by its provision of Commercial and Residential Title Insurance, ensuring clients’ property rights are protected and transfers are legally sound. Additionally, it facilitates the property transaction process through Settlement Services and manages funds and documents crucial to these transactions via its Escrow Services. Moreover, Kensington Vanguard aids in tax-deferred property exchanges through its 1031 Exchange Services, further showcasing its diverse service suite. Real Property and Cooperative Lien Searches, alongside Recording Services that ensure proper documentation with local governments, complete its full-service approach to title insurance and settlement services.

Expansion and Acquisition

In a notable leap forward, February 2022 marked the acquisition of Kensington Vanguard National Land Services by Truist Insurance Holdings, a subsidiary of Truist Financial Corporation, paving the way for significant expansion in the title insurance market. This move not only amplified Kensington Vanguard’s market presence but also integrated Truist’s existing title operation, BridgeTrust Title, into Kensington Vanguard’s operations. Such strategic consolidations underline the company’s intent to not just grow its geographic footprint but also to blend complementary strengths and resources for enhanced service delivery in the title insurance landscape.

Labor Practices

However, growth and expansions aside, Kensington Vanguard has faced challenges concerning its labor practices. In July 2023, the company came into an agreement to pay $1 million to the state of New York in relation to having illegal no-poach agreements with competitors. Such agreements inhibit labor market competition and adversely affect worker wages and opportunities—a practice scrutinized and deemed unfair by legal standards. This settlement, championed by New York Attorney General Letitia James, underscores the broader efforts to promote fair labor practices within the industry and the legal implications of disregarding these standards.

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Operations and Notable Transactions

Operations and Licenses

Kensington Vanguard National Land Services has made its mark in the title insurance industry not just by the breadth of its services but also through its expansive operational reach. With licenses in more than 30 states and office locations in states including Arizona, Florida, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Virginia, the company has established a robust network that enables it to serve a diverse clientele across the United States. This extensive licensing and regional presence underscore the company’s commitment to providing accessible and comprehensive title insurance solutions to its clients. The industry leadership and financial strength Kensington Vanguard exhibits are powered by a dedicated and diverse executive team alongside a significant employee base, emphasizing the company’s core values of inclusivity and expertise in the title insurance realm.

Notable Transactions

In the competitive landscape of title insurance, Kensington Vanguard sets itself apart through its involvement in several high-profile property deals. Noteworthy transactions the company has facilitated include the handling of multi-million dollar properties across different states. For instance, notable transactions span the sale of 105/109 East 70th Street, New York, NY, for $69 million in March 2024, and the significant $130 million deal for 1001 Gallup Drive, Omaha, NE, in the same month. These examples represent just a fraction of the vast array of transactions that Kensington Vanguard confidently navigates, highlighting not only the trust that clients place in the company but also the firm’s capacity to execute transactions of varying complexity and magnitude.

Industry Recognition

Acknowledged as one of the largest independent full-service national title insurance agencies in the country, Kensington Vanguard is renowned for its comprehensive service offerings that span the gamut from commercial and residential title insurance to settlement services, and much more. This reputation is a testament to the company’s extensive network, depth of industry expertise, and unwavering commitment to customer service excellence. Kensington Vanguard’s approach to business, emphasizing integrity, professionalism, and client support, has garnered it significant industry recognition, setting a benchmark for quality and reliability in the title insurance sector.

Private Equity Investment

The strategic investment from private equity firm Stone Point Capital in 2016 marked a significant milestone in Kensington Vanguard’s journey. This infusion of private equity capital not only bolstered the company’s financial foundation but also supported its continued growth and consolidation within the industry. Such investments reflect confidence in Kensington Vanguard’s business model, operational excellence, and long-term vision for leadership in the title insurance market.

Executive Team

At the helm of Kensington Vanguard’s operations is a diverse executive team, co-led by Co-Chief Executive Officers Brian M. Cooper and Jarett Fein. The leadership roster extends to include seasoned professionals like Scott Forcino, Brett Kennedy, Todd Cymbol, and Lauren Amador, whose combined expertise drives the company’s strategic direction. This blend of leadership skills, industry knowledge, and vision is foundational to Kensington Vanguard’s success and its position as a leader in the national title insurance landscape.

Notable Developments

Keeping pace with the evolving requirements of the real estate market, Kensington Vanguard continues to seek opportunities for expansion and enhancement of its service offerings. A highlight in this continuous evolution was the acquisition of James P. Lazar, PC, a national commercial title insurance provider, in August 2023. Moves like this not only widen Kensington Vanguard’s service portfolio but also reinforce its commitment to meeting the comprehensive needs of its client base.


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