Many Americans have trouble paying their back taxes each year, with more than $114 billion in outstanding debt. Unfortunately, not everyone is financially well equipped to pay off their outstanding debt right away, and it may seem that avoiding the issue for the time being is the only solution.

There is a company called Larson Tax Relief that provides tax relief services to individuals and businesses in all 50 states (and Washington, DC). Read here for more information on how this company can help you.

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Larson Tax Relief Summary

Founded in 2005, Larson Tax Relief is a company that provides tax preparation and filing services to people in all 50 countries, including Washington, D.C. They provide tax preparation and filing services to people in all 50 states of the country.


  • Owned and operated by the same family for generations
  • A licensed representative will be able to provide you with a free consultation
  • Money back guarantee of 15 days


  • There is no public information available about pricing.
  • It is necessary to have a minimum tax debt that is higher than the average.

What Kind Of Services Does Larson Tax Relief Offer?

The company’s specialty is providing both short- and long-term tax solutions for both businesses and individuals. This company provides a variety of tax relief services to both the IRS and state governments.

The following are some of the services that are offered:

  • Relief from long-term taxation
  • Reduction of income tax
  • Relief from state taxation
  • Relief from business taxes
  • Agreements for the payment of installments
  • Liens for unpaid taxes
  • Tax returns that are missing
  • Garnishment of wages

What Is Larson Tax Relief?

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Getting tax relief is a great way to reduce the burden of your taxes. It can take many forms, such as deductions, exemptions, and credits. There are many ways to get tax relief, but you need to know what you can get and where to look for it.

A government can raise funds in many different ways, but taxation is one of the most important. Tax collection involves special financial schemes designed to ensure that taxpayers pay their fair share. A person can do this by taking advantage of tax credits and deductions, which consider a person’s financial, familial, and personal circumstances. People who pay a fair share of their taxes contribute to funding essential public services, including healthcare, education, security, and infrastructure.

It is the government’s policy to reduce the amount of tax you owe to you. If you are a self-employed or employed individual, this type of tax relief can apply to you. However, it usually requires you to meet certain requirements set forth by the tax code. It is necessary for you to provide documentation that supports your claim when seeking tax relief.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Tax Debts?

Getting behind on your taxes can have some pretty severe consequences. For one thing, you will end up paying additional penalties and interest charges, which will ultimately drive up the total amount you owe over time.

Additionally, the IRS has the power to garnish your wages (i.e. take a portion of your salary from your paycheck every month) and levy and lien your property. That could put your car, home, and other assets at risk, damaging your credit score significantly. Sometimes, your passport or driver’s license could even be taken away.

Larson Tax Relief BBB Reviews

Located in New York City, Larson Tax Relief is a tax relief company that the Better Business Bureau has accredited since 2006, and it has an A+ rating with only one complaint from a customer.

On 09/28/2021, the latest customer complaint was received. It was about billing or collections, and it was resolved. Unfortunately, no further details are available at this time.

Larson Tax Relief FAQs

Larson Tax Relief

How Much Does Larson Tax Relief Service Cost?

The price information for each case is not available to the general public due to the fact that each case is unique.

What Type Of Guarantees Does It Offer?

You can get your money back if you are not satisfied with their services within 15 days of receiving them.

Does This Company Charge Retainer Fees?

For the services that they provide, there is no need to pay any type of retainer fee. If you wish to start working with them immediately, there is no need to pay anything upfront.

Larson Tax Relief: Company Information

  • Company Name: Larson Tax Relief
  • Year Founded: 2005
  • Formerly Named: Larson Tax Relief
  • Address: 10170 Church Ranch Way, Suite 450
  • City: Westminster
  • State/Province: CO
  • Website:

Larson Tax Relief
  • Larson Tax Relief

Larson Tax Relief Review

Larson Tax Relief is a tax relief company that has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2006, and it has an A+ rating with only one complaint from a customer. This company does not have public pricing information and requests a minimum tax debt that is higher than the average.

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