Founded in 2012, Tax Hardship Center specializes in preventing IRS collection operations. The organization employs tax specialists who assist taxpayers while taking into account their financial situation and general well-being. In 2012, the Tax Hardship Center was established in Westlake Village, California.

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What Is Tax Hardship Center?

Tax Hardship Center is a company that assists individuals with their tax preparation. Trustpilot rates them as “Excellent,” with an average rating of 4.7 stars. The website contains only positive reviews. The service is also highly rated by SuperMoney, with 17 users recommending it. Additionally, Tax Hardship Center has 114 positive Google reviews and 10 positive Yelp reviews.

In addition to providing results for its customers, Tax Hardship Center has reduced stress for many of them. According to a review on the BBB site, Tax Hardship Center saved him “around $24,000”. Most of the people who contact the Tax Hardship Center for tax debt assistance remain for many years to receive assistance with small business accounting and tax filings.

BBB A+ Rating

Since 2018, Back Taxes Assistance has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Currently, the company holds an A+ rating with only two complaints from customers, both of which have been resolved. Considering that some larger tax assistance companies with more experience in the industry cannot boast the same level of customer service, this is an impressive accomplishment.

Transparent Prices For Their Services

The Tax Hardship Center is one of the few back tax assistance companies that publish average pricing on its website. For investigation and protection services, the company charges a starting fee of $495. The upfront pricing makes it easy for potential customers to understand what they’ll be paying for.

Works With Taxpayers With At Least $7,500 In Back Taxes


You are not alone if you are having difficulty paying your back taxes. Several companies can assist you in organizing your finances. The majority of these companies only work with customers who owe more than $10,000 in back taxes. Several of the IRS’s back tax assistance programs are designed to assist businesses and individuals with back taxes totaling five figures or more.

However, if you only owe $7,500 in back taxes, Tax Hardship Center can help. This may seem a lot, but we can help you reduce the amount or set up a payment plan so that you can reach your financial goals more quickly.

Provides Services To 50 States

The Tax Hardship Center provides tax-related assistance to individuals and businesses throughout the country. With their phone consultations and remote service, you can receive the assistance you need regardless of your location.

Liens, Levies, And Wage Garnishments Can Be Stopped

Their experience in negotiating with the IRS on behalf of taxpayers enables them to offer a variety of solutions based on the particular circumstances of each individual. Whether you are interested in enrolling in the Fresh Start Initiative, filing for Currently Not Collectible status, or negotiating an installment agreement, they are available to assist you at every step along the way.

Free Consultation And Money-Back Guarantee

You can find a solution to your back taxes through the Back Tax Assistance Center’s free, no-obligation phone consultation. Back taxes Assistance Center charges a flat rate of $495 for investigation and protection services if it is determined that you should work with them. The price quote includes full assistance with back taxes. You can receive a full refund if you decide within 14 days that the Back Tax Assistance Center is not the right solution for you.

Stopping Collection Action With A Back Tax Assistance Program

collection efforts

If you are having trouble paying your taxes, you can turn to Tax Hardship Center for help.

The company’s proven three-step process begins with a free telephone consultation. There is no need for an appointment, so you can take the first steps toward becoming tax-free whenever it is convenient for you.

Following this, they will prequalify you for our process by establishing contact with the IRS and initiating protection against collection letters. Then, they’ll suggest how to resolve your back taxes in a way that works for you. Their ultimate goal is to reach a resolution that works for both parties with the IRS. Afterward, they’ll give you tools to stay compliant and avoid any further issues with Uncle Sam.

Tax Assistance For Businesses And Payrolls

For businesses to remain compliant with tax regulations, they understand the importance of compliance. To assist your business with payroll tax management and reporting, they can connect you with payroll service providers. In addition, they can assist you with filing back taxes and keeping up-to-date on your yearly tax filings.

Providing Tax Resources

When you are behind on your taxes, dealing with the IRS can be a challenging experience. It is at this point that the professionals at the Tax Hardship Center come into play. To get back on track, they can assist you in navigating the often-confusing world of taxation.

On its website, the center provides several free resources, including downloadable forms and a financial organizer. They will be fully equipped to assist you in reducing your tax burden and setting up an installment agreement or payment plan once you grant them power of attorney for your taxes using form 2848.

Tax Hardship Center: Final Thoughts

The founder and CEO of Tax Hardship Center, Arian Azimzadeh, is an IRS Enrolled Agent dedicated to helping businesses and individuals to reduce and pay back their back taxes. Arian graduated from California State University, Northridge with a degree in Accounting and Business Law and opened his office in Westlake Village, California. Tax Hardship Center provides tax assistance to individuals across the country, including local, state, and federal taxes.

Tax Hardship Center takes pride in its excellent customer reviews and its proven results-oriented approach. The firm can negotiate directly with the IRS on your behalf if you owe $7,500 or more in taxes. Additionally, their 14-day money-back guarantee ensures that you have no risk in contacting them for a free consultation to determine if they are the right fit for you.

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Tax Hardship Center Summary

Its proven results-oriented process and excellent customer reviews make Tax Hardship Center a leader in the tax relief field. If you owe $7,500 or more in taxes, they can negotiate on your behalf with the IRS to improve your chances of a favorable resolution. You can call them for a free consultation to see if they’re right for you with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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